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The people that got you here, will not get you there

The people that got you here will not get you there. In a growing company, oftentimes, there are the OGs, the originals, the founding group, and the core. As any company grows to the next level, there will be people within the organization that no longer have the skills you need or the desire to see the company grow. They want the company to stay small, scrappy, unorganized or have loose policies. There isn’t a small company out there that has not seen the need to encourage or exit those individuals.

This is a picture of me in 2009. I wasn’t cut out for what I do now. I worked for a smaller software company, and when a larger conglomerate company purchased them, that was not for me. So I exited myself. As experienced leaders, we see things that others might not. We can see where we are going or where we want to go and have to make those choices to see our vision through. Be prepared. Be honest. Do good. Start to have those conversations.

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