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Committed & Passionate

With over 20 years of experience in operations and leadership roles across startups to tech giants, I've discovered the key to unlocking growth lies in the perfect blend of process, people, and product. That's why I founded Pannell Consulting. As a trusted partner, I empower visionary tech CEOs and founders to cultivate effective processes and assemble winning teams, propelling them toward their clear goals.

Here are some of the results I’ve produced in past roles and for clients:

  • Doubled development team to meet customer demands through covid and developed an effective remote onboarding program

  • Scaled a platform, team, and operations to function as the mission-critical service for GE cyber security organization.

  • Embedded and shared vision across the organization that drove increased throughput

  • Created clear goals and objectives with a reimagined meeting rhythm to enable execution

  • Crushed silos & egos

  • Transformations that included financing, sourcing, HR, and recruiting to restructure the talent and enable growth in technical capabilities.


Here’s how I can help:

  • Partner with you as a fractional COO so you can focus on vision and strategy

  • Business Process Optimization so your team can get work done faster

  • Program Management that enables you to have a plan, get the right people working on it and achieve that vision and strategy

  • Team Building and Strategy Defining Sessions to facilitate intensive sessions designed to focus and energize your team. These sessions aim to build unity, define clear strategies, and encourage collaborative problem-solving. Harness the power of a collective mindset to drive your tech business towards its objectives.

  • Culture transformation is free with purchase! By getting clear on your vision and strategy, refining exhaustive processes and executing, the changes that occur will lead to culture improvement.


Here’s how we can work together:

  1. Long-term fractional COO engagements. 

  2. 1:1 coaching 

  3. Program management for projects that need efficient execution that are critical to your business sucess

  4. 1-day or multi-day facilitations to create vision and mission, create and/or align on goals, team building to propel the team forward


Schedule some time with me today.


Extra Credit

Women in Technology, Board Chair

Business Information Technology Advisory Board at Virginia Tech, member

2022 Regional Leader Award Winner - RBTC


Why Me?

2 Decades Deep: Hands-On Expertise Unleashed

Rapid Results Mastery: Unleash the Power of Experience for Swift Solutions! From the data center floor to steering massive organizational shifts, I cut through the red tape, drive decisions, and cultivate a culture of rapid innovation. Success is the goal, and I specialize in getting teams comfortable with starting fast, crafting minimal viable products, and iterating to the ultimate solution.

Infectious Passion: Unleash the Sparks!

Ignite the team with enthusiasm for the mission! Fueled by a passion for problem-solving and armed with program management & strategy expertise, I dismantle obstacles, foster consensus, and drive us to desired outcomes.

Unapologetically Aligned: A Mission of Joy, Family, and Impactful Work

I'm on a personal mission to keep happiness, family, and meaningful work at the forefront. I partner with companies sharing values, improving efficiency, and adding joy. Bringing a mix of technical prowess and strategy, I'm here not just for projects but because I genuinely care about your success.

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