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What and How

Curious about the kickoff and the experience of working together? Let's delve in. At Pannell Consulting, the engagement process is more than just a journey—it's a strategic partnership. From the initial handshake, I navigate each step with precision, dedication, and a shared commitment to your success. Discover how the process transforms challenges into opportunities, aligns visions, and propels your organization toward unprecedented growth and excellence.

The Approach


Tailored Solution

Customzied strategies for each client & flexible approaches to meet your specific needs


Collaborative Process

As a strategic partner, I seamlessly blend consulting, coaching, and hands-on execution to foster a collaborative relationship focused on shared goals. Your involvement or informed guidance is integral at every stage. While you hold the vision, I bring the dedicated time and skills to Get It Done.



Fractional COO services, business process optimization, program management & facilitation, sound board. Laughs are free!

The Engagement Process

Embarking on a transformative journey begins with understanding. The engagement process starts before we ever sign a contract, where I actively listen and delve deep into your challenges, aspirations, and unique business landscape. This initial step lays the foundation for a tailored engagement process that addresses your specific needs and propels your company and your team toward unparalleled success. Explore the 'Ideal' engagement below to get a sense of what your journey could look like.


In the discovery phase, our approach goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the fabric of your team dynamics. Through an immersive process, I sit in on meetings, engage in one-on-one conversations, and listen to understand the intricacies of your team's current state. It's more than just learning what is or isn't happening; it's about uncovering unspoken expectations, dynamics, and collectively defining what 'good' truly looks like. This in-depth exploration sets the stage for a nuanced and tailored strategy, ensuring lasting results and fostering genuine buy-in from your team.


In the strategy phase, I engage in a dynamic process to clarify your organization's mission and vision. Goal Alignment becomes our compass, navigating the intricate terrain to define objectives and expected results. This phase involves a collaborative back-and-forth, shaping a roadmap and action plan that is both strategic and adaptable. Identifying key team members and resources, ensuring every element aligns for optimal impact. It's the art of strategic orchestration, embracing the messiness of creativity and collaboration as we move towards your envisioned future.

PC Engagement process New (6).png

In the Do It phase, we establish a consistent operational beat, ensuring the seamless execution of goals and objectives. Through a set of regular, non-negotiable meetings, we delve into progress evaluation, feedback loops, and data-driven adjustments. This is where the magic unfolds, aligning your team in a synchronized cadence that propels progress and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement.

PC Engagement process New (8).png

In the Refinement phase, we assess and adapt, ensuring ongoing improvement and alignment with objectives. 

Yeah Wendi, but what do you do?

I'm not just a consultant, I'm your on-the-ground ally for achieving your goals. Whether it's:

  • Crafting your roadmap to success, one objective at a time,

  • Transforming draining meetings into productive powerhouses,

  • Facilitating inclusive discussions and gathering everyone's input,

  • Drafting clear objectives and impactful communication, or

  • Empowering your team to own their success with strategic guidance,

I'm here to work side-by-side with you and your team, tailoring my approach to your needs. Prefer me in the driver's seat? I'll lead the charge and show you "what good should look like." Want to build your internal capacity? I'll equip your team with the tools and know-how to take the wheel themselves.

My goal is simple: be the catalyst that propels your organization towards lasting success.

When do you need a fractional COO?
  • Growth Spurt, Growing Pains: You're scaling fast, but operations are getting messy. Processes are chaotic, communication gaps widen, and key decisions get stuck. A fractional COO can streamline operations, build efficient systems, and ensure everyone's rowing in the same direction, fueling your expansion without the growing pains.

  • Strategic Crossroads, Confusion Compass: You've got the talent, the tech, but your roadmap is blurry. Market shifts leave you unsure of the next move, and critical decisions feel like coin flips. A fractional COO brings seasoned expertise, crafting clear strategies, analyzing market trends, and guiding you towards sustainable growth with laser focus.

  • Founder Overload, Burnout Brigade: You're the CEO, COO, CFO, and everything in between. Your days are endless, nights are sleepless, and your passion is fading behind the endless to-do list. A fractional COO steps in, sharing the workload, taking ownership of critical tasks, and freeing you to focus on the big picture and reignite your entrepreneurial spark.

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