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It’s not just the goals you set, but HOW you attain them.

I talk a lot about having clear goals for the organization. The importance lies not only in setting goals but also in HOW you attain them. Improved interactions between your weekly standups can help the team move the needle by tweaking a few things. The Measure What Matters | OKR Resource team has broken down the fundamental elements 👉 CFRs.

Conversations - Feedback - Recognition

CFRs are simply a framework that helps you to improve your conversations.

I joke that a 📢 healthy culture is included free with purchase! An improved culture will happen when you are clear about what people need to work on AND have consistently productive conversations. Clarity and transparency strengthen one another and the organization. “CFRs provide the transparency, accountability, empowerment, and teamwork that distinguish healthy organizational cultures.” Here are three quick tweaks to your existing communication that will immediately move the needle. These are not distinct meeting agenda items; weave them into your existing communication.

🗣️ Conversations: When figuring out how to remove a roadblock from achieving an objective, start by ASKING more questions. Avoid being judgemental. Make conversations forward-focused.

🔃 Feedback: When discussing what needs improvement and how to make the improvement happen, turn this into a coaching and teaching opportunity. Feedback should be REAL TIME. Focus on the actions the person took, not the person. Feedback is most effective when it is clear and specific. Remember when someone gave you unspecific feedback from a couple of weeks ago? Not helpful.

🎉 Recognition: Similar to feedback, recognition should be real-time and specific. By doing this, you instantly share with someone that what they did is good and on the right track. It reinforces feedback on the effectiveness of a person's efforts. If they are being productive, tell them.

Weave these 3 elements into your conversations today. If you’re not used to doing this, it takes some practice, but it is 100% achievable, and I think you’ll love the results. Once the team sees you behaving in this manner, people will soon do the same, and you’ll have a transparent and productive team.

It's not always big things like transformations that are going to help you move the needle. Wanna dive deeper?

MWM goes into more details here -


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