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#MonayMotivation #Vacation Vibes

Watching the moon rise!

Vacation vibes. What are you best tips for enjoying and then surviving re-entry after vacation? Here are two of mine.

  • Take the Monday after vacation off. If you're like me with young kids, it's not really as much a vacation for you as parenting in a different place. I often use Monday to catch up on home things + catch up on status, but NOT go online just yet. I come back to work the next day feeling prepared.

  • My Out of Office Message reads like this. 'I am away on vacation from X to Y. I will not be reading these emails when I return. If it is important, please plan to catch up with me when I am back from vacation or if you need an answer now, reach out to my point of contact below.' Totally reasonable and saves a ton of time when returning from work to just be able to jump in where needed and not try to pull the thread on whatever happened from day 1 that you were out. Thank you to one of my awesome team members for introducing this to me years ago.

Enjoy your vacation and MAKE it great,


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