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Make it a great day! Leadership for you!

How to take control of your day, Scaling company
How to take control of your day, Scaling company

An oldie but goody. I don't remember know where I first picked this phrase up. But it's a powerful saying for me. It reminds me that I am in control of my day. YOU are in control of your day. Whatever is happening in your world, at your office, you get to decide how to show up and respond. YOU have the ability to make it a great day. This is leadership for you! This is an example of take your own medicine.

So often when I was younger, even sometimes now, I would let external sources control my day. Honestly, I started slowly taking that control back over the years. The mentality that I am in control of how I feel on any given day is a game changer.

Wendi, how does this relate to business? I want to share this feeling of being in control with leaders. I want to give them the gift of this control through basic functions of awareness, clarity and seeing progress. Oftentimes smaller or newer companies feel like it's just normal to be hair on fire, 'That's the startup life.' But it does not have to be that way. Through shared mission, clear goals and new habits, you can have the space to 'Make it a Great Day.'



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