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CEO Checklist #3: Do you talk about your Ruthless Priorities EVERY DAY?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

YEASSSSSSSS ! Every. Damn. Day.

Let's recap what we've covered this week -

✔️ Everyone knows your clear vision

✔️ You have unmistakable goals and objectives

🔘 You're talking about them every day.

Ruthless priorities, goals, objectives, OKRs...whatever you call the work that needs to happen to create the outcomes that you are going after. The tasks or the effort that the team is working on to make the VISION happen. Are you talking about them every. single. week? Ideal cadence of talking about and making progress on these goals looks like this;

Monday: Senior leadership team reviews each Objective and shares the status, especially talking about the mitigation plans of the Red and Yellow ones. What's the plan to get those back to green?

Thursday: Department level OKR updates. How are the teams OKRs rolling up to achieving the company level goals? These conversations prepare the leader to report out on Monday about status and what they are doing to get the organization back to green.

Friday: Go in and update the company level OKR status and any applicable notes.

This is a foundation of the basic things you need to do to achieve consistent success. Talking about the RIGHT stuff frequently. If you're talking about them, you're doing them. If you're doing the work, you're moving the needle.

Make it a great day,


P.S. Big suits fan over here. So when I found Harvey saying 'Every Single Day'....🙌

P.S.S Read more about who originated Ruthless Priorites for me, Patty Azzarello

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