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Gaining the slight edge on execution

Your company has:

Mission - ☑️

Objectives ☑️

The right people on board ☑️

Now, how do we move the mission forward with a slight edge? Imagine a scenario where, in addition to our organizational objectives and key results, every individual within the company adheres to a set of guiding principles or statutes that collectively contribute to propelling the entire organization forward. What things can everyone on the team do every day that will make a positive impact on the bottom line, productivity, employee happiness and retention?

Mine are; I do my devotions every morning (centers me), followed by writing (building my business, flexing a new muscle and therapy), and I ask myself if this effort (meeting, task) is pushing me towards my goals (focus).

So let's step into your world. What if everyone in an organization committed to:

1️⃣ only working on the right things

2️⃣ challenging ideas

3️⃣ providing feedback to each other consistently

Imagine if these three things were demonstrated daily by everyone and everyone agreed that they would be uncomfortable together building these new habits. Imagine joining a company where you were able to say,

“Welcome, here is our Mission, why we come to work every day, and here are our Objectives that we’re working on to achieve that mission and we practice three things every day. Our teams agreed this is how we need to show up every day to take us to the next level."

I would be pretty pumped if someone painted such a clear picture of not only what we're doing, but HOW. The new team member is aware of the expectations for their daily presence. Clarity for the win!

Would anyone else be excited about working for this company? This is the culture, the core, the foundation of companies that I want to help build. It can’t just be about what you are building, but how you are building it matters.

This sounds great, and you want to instill this practice into your company.

Make it a great day,


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