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The reason behind the mountain

Pannell Consulting, while ill-named the logo, means a lot. Starting with my love of mountains. Every time I would head south on 81 towards Virginia Tech, I would breathe in the view. The mountains just fill my soul. When I moved there, I started climbing those mountains. I love being out on the trail. The Mountain kept reappearing as I was defining what I wanted to do for my clients. Helping clients scale that mountain. Starting on a path they probably have not been on, looking up and not seeing the top, knowing the view you’re headed for but unsure how to get there. Hiking requires endurance, strength, and balance to tackle challenging sections and maintain a steady pace throughout the journey. Mental resilience is equally important, as hiking trails can present unexpected obstacles, adverse weather conditions, and moments of fatigue. Adaptability, determination, and a positive mindset are vital attributes that allow hikers to overcome obstacles, appreciate the natural surroundings, and derive fulfillment from the experience.


See my parallel? I love making it to the top and enjoying the view as much as I love seeing the joy and the ‘Aha’ moments of leaders and their teams when we put simple things in place to prepare them for the climb.


The Mountain and Growing a Company: Ultimately, the ability to appreciate nature's beauty growth and find joy in the journey fuels the passion for hiking business, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Extra credit! - This past fall I did the triple crown in our area. The Triple Crown is a popular hiking destination in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The three mountains offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and the trails are challenging but rewarding.


The three mountains in the Triple Crown near Blacksburg, VA are:

Triple Crown

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