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The CEO's Path to Success: Know Your Strengths and Find a Partner

CEOs, know what your superpower is. In his book titled "How to Grow Your Small Business," Donald Miller highlights three distinct archetypes: the Artist, the Entrepreneur, and the Operator.

Why is knowing YOUR archetype going to help you grow?

It is crucial to comprehend the skill set that will enhance your abilities to be a CEO. Many CEOs I work with are Artists or Entrepreneurs. They want to spend their time creating a lovable product and/or they are always looking for the next opportunity for revenue and growth. What you typically don’t love to do is organize the chaos. As someone that is part of that team, we want you in the Artists and Entrepreneurs space! So how do you do the other things that it takes to actually run and G R O W your business? You should care about those things and have a vision for what good will look like, but you can't be executing things like culture, process and communication while also being an Artist or Entrepreneur.

Know your strengths and find a partner with complementary skills.

Know your strengths --> Artist or Entrepreneur, and find a partner, (picture Batman's Robin) with complementary skills.

Together, you can turn chaos into order, clarity, and efficiency. This will give your company the foundation it needs to turn your brilliant ideas into growth.

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