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Solving the Motivation Puzzle: How CEOs Can Reignite Passion and Drive in Their Organizations

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

This week we're going to focus on 5 things you can do to culitvate motivation in your team.

In the dynamic world of business, motivation creates a game changer for success. CEOs should care about motivation because it directly impacts their organization's bottom line. Motivated teams are more productive, creative, and resilient. They innovate, drive growth, and enhance customer satisfaction. Beyond financial gains, motivated employees reduce turnover, saving recruitment and training costs. They also bolster a company's reputation, attracting top talent. In today's competitive landscape, CEOs must recognize that motivation isn't just a soft skill; it's a strategic asset. By prioritizing and nurturing motivation, CEOs pave the way for a thriving, resilient, and prosperous organization.

Day 1

CEOs, today's action: Send a personalized thank-you note to a team member. Small gestures can spark big motivation!

Day 2

Tech leaders, make a difference: Create a monthly 'Innovation Hour' for your team to explore new ideas and passions.

This should be like a real happy hour, it's going so well it goes beyond one hour 😇. The benefit of getting the team together to solve a problem and exploring new ideas, maybe even finding innovation outweighs the cost of their salaries for a few hours, plus it has long lasting benefits that will extend beyond that session. They will start to problem solve in their daily lives. BONUS: Get someone in the organization to lead it. Give them very clear parameters, maybe even a problem to solve for the first session. Let them figure out how to lead the session and obtain real outcomes.

Day 3

Lead with empathy! Send a 'Wellness Wednesday' email with self-care tips, fostering a healthy work-life balance.

If you’re thinking your teams would think you’re crazy, that’s ok. Surprise them with a new way of living and working. BONUS: You head the advice as well. Nothing better then showing you care by setting the example.

Day 4

Set aside 'Feedback Friday.' Listen actively, and implement at least one team suggestion each week

You can manage this through 1:1 conversations, suggestion box or fire side chats. The important part of this that often gets overlooked is communicating the change. Follow up with the person and/or make an announcement.

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