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Feelings Friday - June 30th

Another feeling from a book I’m reading right now. This statement from Influencer, the Power to Change Anything resonated with me, kinda an ‘Aha’ moment. The book shares that ‘They’ve discovered that there are people out there who - instead of continually seeking the ‘wisdom to know the difference‘, have sought the wisdom to MAKE a difference. And they’ve found it. They discovered that when it comes to changing the world, what most of us lack is not the courage to change things, but the skill to do so.’ 🤯

Imagine reframing a problem you are addressing with not an acceptance of the problem, but the grit and energy to find the skill to ‘fix’ the problem.

What if we could learn the skill to…

💭Find the words or series of conversations to convince our boss to change a thing or a thought?

💭Convince a friend to take that road trip with you

💭Convince your spouse to get the help they need

💭Convince your kids to take school more seriously

I’m excited to keep reading and find out more about what those skills are.

Make it a great weekend, and Happy 4th of July!

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