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Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! I 100% believe this. As we grow in our careers, we stop getting as much or any feedback. Two things to consider, 1. it doesn’t mean you should STOP giving it and 2. you have to seek it out if you really want it. I am always seeking feedback. To get good feedback ask open-ended questions that encourage thoughtful and honest responses. Like these:

  • How were my presentation skills just now?

  • How did I show up in the call this am?

  • How did my interaction with Sally come off?

  • How do you perceive my ability to handle challenges and setbacks?

  • Are there any blind spots you think I should be aware of?

Other deep thoughts for Monday:

🎁 Feedback is a gift.

☠️ If you don’t think you need feedback, you’re wrong

💡 If you’re nervous about giving feedback, just ask yourself, “How would I like to be told this info?”

I once had a team that talked in memes a lot. One year we thought about exclusively doing our yearly performance reviews via memes. We did not, but in memory of that amazing team. I share memes with you today!

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