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Pannell Consulting
I help tech CEOs execute their visionary plans to get the right sh!t done.

Your fractional COO partner.

Clear Company Vision | Achievable Execution Plans | Team Accountability

Don't have time to focus on the fun stuff?

The struggle - ever felt like...
The solution - How I help

You struggle to communicate vision clearly, and it's costing customers, talent, and investors.​

I collaborate with the CEO to convey the vision effectively, crafting clear messages and streamlining processes to resonate with customers, attract talent, and instill investor confidence.

You don't have enough time to actually LEAD your team.

I support you by managing operational responsibilities as your fractional COO, enabling you to concentrate on strategic leadership, optimizing your time for high-impact activities, fostering innovation, and steering the company toward its goals.

You're not making progress on the things that drive profit and growth.

I conduct operational reviews, identify bottlenecks, and implement streamlined processes, aligning efforts with profit-driven objectives for sustained growth.

Your employees are disengaged and turnover is costing a fortune in recruiting.

I facilitate team alignment and vision sharing. I drive employee engagement and foster a positive work culture, reducing turnover costs and fostering a motivated team.

You're not honestly sure what everyone is working on.

Let's empower your team with real-time visibility into tasks, projects, and goals. I'll introduce transparent project management systems, ensuring seamless alignment with company objectives


My Services

Fractional COO

Empower your organization with strategic operational guidance, tailored for those navigating growth or unsure of their full-time needs. As a seasoned expert in the tech space, I specialize in providing on-demand, high-impact leadership to drive operational efficiency, scale your business, and navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether you're a startup poised for rapid growth or an established tech firm aiming for operational excellence, fractional COO services offer flexible, results-driven solutions. Imagine a seamlessly orchestrated operation, where every move aligns with your growth objectives.

Business Process Optimization

Have a process that feels heavy or inefficient or just isn’t bringing you the results you expect? You might have individuals that are incredibly frustrated and feel over-taxed. Change is hard. Finding what needs to be changed is more challenging when you’re in the weeds. I will work hand-in-hand with individuals to ensure that the process improvement goals are defined for ultimate results and achieved for everyone, from the hands-on keyboard to the c-suite.

Program Management

Balancing strategic and tactical planning to GET IT DONE. Elevate your tech initiatives with a blend of strategic vision and tactical execution. Whether it's mapping out the path from technology to milestones or reverse engineering your goals into actionable plans, I tailor program management to your unique needs. From leadership and organization to scorecard development and cross-functional alignment and communication.

Ready to transform your business?

Schedule a consultation to explore how my expertise can elevate your operations and drive sustainable success. -->

Schedule a 30-minute call to explore how I can support your needs and drive impactful results together.

Optimal Outcomes: A Vision for Success During and After Our Collaboration

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I love to work with...

Mid-Atlantic rooted, virtually connected for seamless collaboration anywhere.

Committed to
Excellence & 

Visionary tech CEO and founders

Visionary Tech CEOs and Founders

Companies committed to excellence and achievement

Committed to
Excellence & 

Forward-thinking leaders, with a growth-mindset. Embraces challenges, learns, and seeks continual improvement

Forward-Thinking Leaders

Ambitious, hungry for growth, and ready for strategic collaboration.


Clients valuing people, believes happy teams create exceptional products and success

Values people, believes happy teams create exceptional products and success

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