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Pannell Consulting
I help tech CEOs articulate & execute their visionary plans so they can get sh!t done.

Your fractional COO partner.

Clear Company Vision | Achievable Execution Plans | Team Accountability

Growing a tech business is hard

As a busy tech CEO and founder, you've probably felt something like...

  • You struggle to communicate your vision clearly and it's costing you customers, talent, and investors.

  • You don't have enough time to actually LEAD your team.

  • You're not making progress on the things that drive profit and growth.

  • Your employees are disengaged and turnover is costing a fortune in recruiting.

  • You're not honestly sure what everyone is working on.

And it's holding your business back. You should spend your time coming up with your next breakthrough idea, not trying to create an execution plan. I can help.

Available Services

Business Process Optimization

Have a process that feels heavy or inefficient or just isn’t bringing you the results you expect? You might have individuals that are incredibly frustrated and feel over-taxed. Change is hard. Finding what needs to be changed is more challenging when you’re in the weeds. I will work hand-in-hand with individuals to ensure that the process improvement goals are defined for ultimate results and achieved for everyone, from the hands-on keyboard to the c-suite.

Program Management

Balancing strategic and tactical planning to GET IT DONE. Program management can go one of two ways based on your company's unique needs. You tell me the technology you’re trying to leverage, and I’ll work alongside you and your team to think through all the considerations, timelines, and milestones to achieve. Or I can help you reverse engineer from the desired outcome to people, processes, and technology to get you there. This can include program or project leadership and organization, scorecard development, cross-functional and strategic alignment or communication.

Culture Transformation

This is a big one. What is your culture? Culture is built in more than just an office. Do you want to keep what you have now? Do you know what you want your culture to be? This work is practical and collaborative with your team. I will help navigate your new hybrid/remote workforce. This work ties closely with Employee Engagement but expands the scope beyond people. The process will include a deeper look into the messages you are sending or not sending and the strategies that reflect what’s important to the organization.

What good looks like during & after

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