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Available Services

Fractional COO

Many small to mid-market companies can’t support a full-time executive in the C-Suite or seek to find a more cost effective solution. Adding a fractional COO offers strategy and planning for a specific function of your company when and however long you need it. Our Fractional Executive Leadership offers experienced, executive-level professionals who provide management services on a contract or part-time basis, significantly reducing costs associated with long-term commitments and high-end salaries. With this model, businesses benefit from faster results, fresh perspectives, and tangible returns. Ideal for scaling start-ups or establishing/reestablishing roles or departments in small to mid-sized businesses.

Program Management

Balancing strategic and tactical planning to GET IT DONE. Program management can go one of two ways based on your company's unique needs. You tell me the technology you’re trying to leverage, and I’ll work alongside you and your team to think through all the considerations, timelines, and milestones to achieve. Or I can help you reverse engineer from the desired outcome to people, processes, and technology to get you there. This can include program or project leadership and organization, scorecard development, cross-functional and strategic alignment or communication.

Employee Engagement

Are you thinking of ways you can increase retention, drive employee engagement, inspire, motivate and fight burnout? All leaders have had their toolbelts pulled off and thrown in the fire. We must find creative ways of leading in this new world of hybrid and changing motivators at work. It is possible. Let’s look at what you’re doing now and find quick wins (weekly demystify standups) to retain talent. Then we can develop a plan for longer-term sustainable solutions (defined growth opportunities, education) for the organization to implement.

Mission + Clear Goals

Thought you had a mission, but no one can repeat it? Or progress is not being made on what you think are the most important things? Don't know what your most important things should be?Together we will craft ambitious yet achievable objectives and measurable key results aligned with your vision, fostering focus, alignment, and growth for long-term success.

Facilitation & Workshops

Does your team need to define goals, understand the problem, articulate more clearly, come up with ideas or evaluate the ideas or make a decision? Let me design a session that will be engaging, effective and impactful to the problem you are trying to solve or the product you’re trying to create. These sessions do not waste anyone's time. The results are actionable steps or answers to get to the end result.

Process Optimization

Have a process that feels heavy or inefficient or just isn’t bringing you the results you expect? You might have individuals that are incredibly frustrated and feel over-taxed. Change is hard. Finding what needs to be changed is more challenging when you’re in the weeds. I will work hand-in-hand with individuals to ensure that the process improvement goals are defined for ultimate results and achieved for everyone, from the hands-on keyboard to the c-suite.

Operating Model & Org Design

Something’s not working, and you’re unsure where to start. Or it worked before Covid, and now it doesn’t. Between the changing landscape of how we work and your company's growth, things have changed, and chances are you have not reconsidered critical elements of your organization. I can help you identify possible roadblocks and solutions to get your team from ‘Bleh’ to ‘Yeah.’ During this process, we’ll look at everything from the work environment to understanding the team's support structure and confirming that they are aligned with the organization's direction. Are they collaborating? Communicating? Do you have the right people in the right seats? Do you have the appropriate reporting structure? All these things, or just a few, can significantly impact your organization's success. Guidance can come in many forms; a 90-day transition plan, individual or group coaching, a fractional leader in driving the change.

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